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At the Old Ball Game

“Take me out to the ball game,

Take me out with the crowd.

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks…”

Throughout the off-season, baseball fans like you and I have been hearing about the massive contracts signed by the league’s elite players. Judge. Turner. Devers. Many of us are wondering if we’ll be able to afford to go to a game again. Will the owners pass the costs of these contracts down to us fans? If they do, I can help you be ready to save some money so you can still enjoy America’s pastime at your favorite ballpark.

I’ve traveled to about 20 Major League stadiums and one thing is for certain: they all vary in price. The more expensive the city is to visit, you can pretty much guarantee that a day a their ballpark will be costly, too. That doesn’t mean that you cannot find a deal—they are out there in every market. Here are a few ways to not break the bank this season.

  1. Take public transportation. By taking a bus or train, you’ll save on gas, parking and in most cases, time. Even if you do not live near a bus or train station, you can drive to one, park your car free of charge, and board a bus or train to take you to the ballgame. I’ve been doing this for years in Los Angeles. Free Metro buses (“The Dodger Express” ) take fans to the game saving driving time and headaches from battling our congested LA freeways. All MLB teams have a transportation link on their website which is easy to find and understand. There you will see what ride-share options are available to you. You will travel with fans who are excited to go to the game just like you, and you may even make some new friends. What will you do with all the gas and parking money you save?

  2. Attend a midweek game. When you think about it, it makes sense: Weekend games are easier for fans to get to, so midweek games are often more affordable. This allows teams to sell tickets and fill up the stadium. It’s easy to compare game prices. Simply check your team’s official ticket website for similar seats for a midweek game and a weekend game. Chances are the midweek ticket will be more affordable. You may get lucky and find that the midweek game even has a free stadium giveaway like a bobble head or hat. Getting a souvenir included in your ticket price is always a bonus. This will save you from shopping in the team store or kiosks, which are pricey.

  3. Compare ticket prices. You’d be surprised at how much ticket prices vary depending on where you purchase them. I ALWAYS look at a reseller, such as Stubhub and the team’s official website, before buying tickets. Keep in mind that additional fees are added for BOTH resellers and team ticket websites. Be sure to search for similar tickets to make the best comparison. You’ll likely find a deal on a reseller's site. Here’s something to remember: if you’re looking for seats against a rivalry team or the “best team in baseball” is coming to town, you’re probably going to find a better price without using a reseller. Also, if you’re buying tickets to multiple games, buy them at the same time. This will cut down on additional fees that are assessed with each order for processing, handling or delivery.

As the season approaches, I’ll be sharing ways to make going to the ballpark more affordable so you can still “Root, root, root, for the home team" and if they don’t win it’s okay! You saved money and got to make memories with friends and family.

See you at the stadium.

Submitted by Jen, on Instagram

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