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Let's Go Yankees!

Time for 2023!

Yankee fans do know that 2022 baseball and the Gods mostly talked about Aaron Judge. However, the 2023 season is underway and as the Baseball Gods say, “Play Ball.”

In order for the 2023 season to start, we need to see how the minor league guys and Spring Training invites do in order to land a spot on the 2023 Yankees roster. Oswaldo Cabrera and Oswald Peraza took our breaths away by the work they contributed to team towards the end of last season.

This spring training season we hope Anthony Volpe can make an appearance along with Jasson Dominguez. You know when Jeter came up and all of us, especially me, couldn’t wait to watch him play. Well that’s Volpe! His minor league numbers were phenomenal, and Baseball America named him one of the top prospects for the Yankees. The media can tell you one thing, but the fans want to see another. We know, as fans, we won’t get the inside scoop on everything but we are going to get good baseball and we know when we see it.

As for Judge, Rizzo, Stanton, and the rest of the team with the aces Cole and Nasty Nestor, we want to see how they can contribute again on another path to the World Series. I would like to see newcomer, Carlos Rodon, and returning pitcher, Tommy Kahnle, spark up the mound since Yankees pitching was amazing last year; even when some of the bullpen guys were down being coached by Matt Blake.

If we want a World Series while we “Chase 28” then we must start from day one.


Contributed by Sarah Nesheiwat

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