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My Point of View on the New Yankee Captain

When Aaron Judge re-signed back with the Yankees, he knew that the expectations would continue to rise. He knew that he was the example that needed to be set for NY sports. When you feel like you are on that larger platform you want to be the best you can be. Unfortunately, he works hard every single day and gets noticed only by the ones who care.

The teammates that surround him also need to be thanked for guiding him and persuading him to better himself every year. Coaches between bench and even the managers have said nothing but good things about him.

The media writes articles and stories about him that portray him to be this one-sided person when Yankee fans know he isn’t like that at all. He wants to be recognized for the person he was born to be and the person he shows you on and off the field.

The comparison that is made with him and Spencer Jones is accurate, but it should be known that they have their own identities.

When making him captain, it didn’t take me long to realize the Yankees would do it. Knowing as a Yankee fan, since the day I was born, that there are only certain players who get that privilege.

What I expect from Judge this year, is to be himself and to lead the team like I know he can. He doesn’t have this list of expectations like most players do. What I do like that he does differently is that he finds ways every single season to improve, and it is very inspiring for people, like me, who sometimes cannot find their way but are willing to take the journey needed to do so.

“If what you did yesterday still seems big today, then you haven’t done enough today.”

– Aaron Judge

Submitted by Sarah Nesheiwat

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