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The End of the Discussion

Let’s Talk: 2.0

On Friday, January 6th, 2023…the Los Angeles Dodgers released Treavor Bauer from his assignment, paying him roughly $22 million they owed and thus making him eligible to be picked up by any other team. Which, according to rumors, may not even happen.

This decision was an MLB and Los Angeles Dodger decision. The Pasadena Police Department investigated the allegations made against Bauer, and no charges were ever filed. A judge even found the accuser to be an unreliable witness. However, through a neutral arbitration session, Bauer was found guilty of sexual misconduct (a violation of the MLB’s rules). Just a note here, Bauer and the MLB have had a love-hate relationship for a while. I wrote about this in two of my earlier articles. Bauer has always been outspoken about new regulations, even though he may have been part of the cause of them, and has gotten into heated arguments with umpires (not to name names, but I wrote an article about this guy too). Bauer is no saint; it just seems that everything finally caught up with him.

Whether you agree with this decision or not, it is done. The investment into a pitcher has gone south and now, instead of paying for him to pitch for us, we will be paying for him to possibly pitch against us. So, just like we do in business…we ditch the liability. And boy…Bauer is a liability. He has been one of the most negatively talked about baseball players in years. And if you look at the whole picture, is the negativity really worth it? But, hey…that’s for you to decide and not me. I’ll leave my opinions to the comments section of Instagram.

Was it worth it? Only time will tell. Bauer only had 17 games with the Dodgers before being suspended. Of those 17 starts, he pitched a little over 107 innings, allowed 36 runs, had 137 strikeouts, but only 8 wins. You would think that with that many strikeouts that he would have more wins, but I am sure there is another explanation for that. From the beginning there was friction in the clubhouse. Before Bauer even arrived, they had to all agree on him coming to the team. With numbers like this it makes me wonder if he really had their support. Well, you may never again see the cocky hand to the ear again, unless you are watching a foreign team play. I highly doubt Trevor Bauer will ever pitch for an MLB team ever again.

So, the drama is over and we can now move onto a more fruitful topic of baseball. Let’s talk better Dodger baseball and how our new kids are going to make a splash on the field this season. We’ve got some great talent coming to Chavez Ravine, so let’s move on from this negative and move on to the positive.

OK, baseball fans, go forth and play ball!!!

Submitted By: Jamye Wagner

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