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Trade Deadline Winners

The Trade Deadline has ended, and many teams made some moves. Yet, some walked away with nothing other than hopes for tomorrow. Let’s look at five teams that won this whole Fire Sale.

  1. San Diego. This team made the biggest move, freeing Juan Soto and Josh Bell from the Nationals. However, they lost a ton of their farm to the Nationals. Adding Brandon Drury to solidify the infield helps, but will it mean much with the Dodgers seemingly cruising to yet another title? Hopefully, with Tatis back, the Friar Faithful can make some noise in the crowded West and Wild Card race.

  2. Philadelphia. The Phillies were a big surprise, in my opinion. While they solidified center field, SS, and relief pitching, they also got an arm in the form of a mildly angry Thor Syndegaard. While I wish the team didn’t trade a top prospect in Moniak, it is the game of baseball that matters. Since the team designated Odubel Herrera and Jeurys Familia for assignment, the optimism remains for the City of Brotherly Love to make the playoffs for the first time in 11 years.

  3. Atlanta. It pains me to say this as a rival of theirs, but Atlanta really put themselves a nice team together. Adding a good back-up to Kenley in the form of Raisel Iglesias, Jake Odorizzi and Robbie Grossman add some insurance for a push to dethrone the Mets. In addition, locking up Austin Riley for a decade is a great step, given the MVP-caliber season he is having. But will it be enough? As I’m writing, they are 3.5 back of the Mets, but in good position for a wild card. Can they make the moves necessary to get higher up or will they have to fight it out from the bottom up against either the Phillies or Padres?

  4. Minnesota: This team needed to get help to solidify their lead in the AL Central. They got that help, and got to laugh in the face of Cleveland and Chicago at the same time. Adding Sandy Léon from Cleveland and Michael Fulmer from Detroit will help add depth to their push and them winning a series. As I’m writing, Minnesota is one game ahead of Cleveland in the standings and two games ahead of Chicago. Cleveland remains a game out of the final wildcard spot, but did nothing to support themselves. Can Minnesota hold their line and just push through to win the division?

  5. No-trade clause: Hold on: No team? Why give this a spot? Well, Eric Hosmer can thank me for this. Eric was initially rumored to be involved in the Juan Soto blockbuster but stood firm and was not included in the deal. Instead of playing for a miserable Washington team, Boston strikes lightning again at the deadline and acquires Hosmer as Boston is two games back of the last wild card spot.

  6. Washington. Huh? Why Washington? They just traded away ANOTHER talented player in Juan Soto for a bunch of magic beans. Who will be around for the Nationals in 2025, you may ask? Keibert Ruiz, C.J. Abrahams, MacKenzie Gore, and Cade Cavalli, among other talented rookies who were acquired in the Padres trade. But at the same token, Philadelphia and other contenders can make the playoffs simply by playing them and winning against them. Philadelphia has best odds, given that a fifth of their remaining games are against Washignton.

That is my break down of who won the deadline deals. Feel free to tell me what you think, I’m open to hear your thoughts below.

Article submission from Dave Hummel, Top Fan Rivalry contributor.

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